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Henley Players Safeguarding Guidelines

 Henley Players is committed to safeguarding the welfare of children (i.e. members under the age of 18 and any other children involved in a production) and has therefore drawn up these guidelines to ensure that young people are protected as far as is reasonably possible.

We recognise that every member has a duty and responsibility toward other members, particularly under 18s, and therefore require all members to read our Safeguarding Guidelines and agree to abide by them.

Henley Players has a designated person who is aware of safeguarding procedures and is responsible for ensuring that the safeguarding guidelines are followed. That person’s name is Marina Griggs and she can be contacted on

Henley Players safeguarding guidelines are based on information and guidance from NODA, the NSPCC and relevant professionals.

The Committee

At the beginning of any production involving children (on or off stage) the committee will:

 Ensure that members are aware of Safeguarding and Health & Safety guidelines

 Identify the person with designated responsibility for safeguarding

 Draw up a list of every under 18 involved in the production and retain a contact name and number at every rehearsal/performance in case of emergency

 Ensure that the dates and expected finish times of rehearsals and performances are communicated by the director, in advance, to all members involved in the production

The Parents

Henley Players have many parent & child members. Any parent who may be interested in getting involved with the group would be very welcome to join.

 All parents will be given a copy of our safeguarding guidelines & other relevant information.

 Parents are responsible for making arrangements for their child to travel to and from rehearsals. It is not the responsibility of Henley Players to take children home.

 Parents are free to wait for their child outside the rehearsal room if they wish.

Managing Sensitive Information

 Parental permission will be sought for use of photographic material featuring children for promotional or other purposes

 Personal information such as age or school, will not be given alongside photographs in programmes or similar

 Photographs & personal information will not be shared with a third party without parental permission


Concerns & Complaints

 If any member has cause for concern about another members behaviour this should be made known to the person with responsibility for safeguarding. If the person responsible for safeguarding is the source of the problem, concerns should be made known to the chairman.

The obtaining of a criminal record disclosure is not mandatory for organisations outside of the regulated sector – in other words, there is no legal requirement for amateur societies to carry out police checks. However, if the committee feel it is in Henley Players best interests to obtain criminal record disclosures for any person it will inform the individual of the necessary procedures and the level of disclosure required (A standard disclosure will apply for anyone with supervised access to children. An enhanced disclosure will be required for anyone with unsupervised access.)

Last reviewed: September 2021

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